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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by stevon111, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Hello There Guys :flower:

    As per a previous thread about child swearing (she is 2 and a half) in the same boat but My ex chose not to listen to this.

    This week my daughter has been swearing loads and i mean loads constantly saying sh*t etc and i just have not been able to take her out because of the embarrassing thing that im going to be pulled by someone because of it.

    ive spoken to my ex partner about this last night and she is aware of it and she says she keeps telling her off for swearing and telling me to do the same but i mentioned the exact same thing in the other thread 'if you stop swearing around her then she will stop' her reply was that she cannot help it and our daughter learns it from everyone.

    this is not coming from me at least as i come from a christian family who have never brought me up around this.

    i need some advice on this because its at a stage where my ex wont listen to me and i have my daughter on weekends and im honestly scared to take her out because it is that bad.
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    For now setting as best example as possible, confidently and calmly correcting her when language is used (avoid telling off route instead calmly explain why that we don't use that language) it must b hard when separated parents aren't on the same page.keep asking her to keep her language tame as best as possible and to ask anyone round her to do the same. Sorry I can't help much :(

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