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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Shireena__x, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    yesterday/couple hours ago my 6 day old daughter choked and stopped breahing for the first time :cry: after me banging on her back it cme out her nose. family members said its becuse shes not burping enough after feeds and it was all lieing on her chest so when i put her down it choked her. i rub her back and tap her back until i hear the big burp but she ALWAYS seems to get hiccups :s so i don't no if his iss true but it rings me to my question how long do you burp a baby for? im really scared its going to happen again and want to know how to prevent it from EVER EVER EVER EVER happening again. the fear in my babys face :cry: i feel so useless for not helping her sooner:cry: :(
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    Oh my that's so scarey!! I'm glad you're all ok! :hugs:
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    Lylah does this, even still now she is almost 11 weeks old. I wind her for ages but nothing has worked yet. I took her to the docs and he gave her thickening powder for her milk but thats not working either. She does it alot now so im used to it, I just sit her upright and pat her back, it goes away eventually.
    Its horrible seeing the fear and panic in her eyes though :(
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    My son used to choke allot after feeds and get constant hiccups ..but ti was due to reflux ? have you looked into that ..

    BTW for burping I always found it easier to stand them up against your shoulder ..the reason it works is there tummy stretches out and lets out any trapped air ..

    hope this helps hun xx

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