Christmas tree!!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by ButterCupJoJo, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Well tonight me and the OH took Lucas and Oliver to the Christmas light switch on, and there was lots going on including a fair, dancers, different singers etc. Was all really good fun and the boys loved it to, now i've never heard of a Christmas tree exhibition lol but it was beautiful it was small christmas trees that was unique and with different things on there and there was 3 that just was so cute

    One was a pregnancy tree, with little feet at the actual size to the baby over so many weeks, had little cards hanging on it with pictures of the baby growing inside for you to open up with a little message on. It also had little bump moulds on, not real ones but little ones, with hands and feet prints! Was just adorable

    The second one was a baby tree, which was pink and blue with knitted cardigans on, dummys, bibs, booties etc was so so lovely

    Then the last was a food tree haha! Was mmm yummy i could of ate it, was moulded different types of cakes, sweets all things yummy and then painted!!

    Pointless post but it was just lovely these idea's with many other trees with different idea's!! Anyone else seen any like these? Or anything wow?

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