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    Dec 27, 2009
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    I have just been issued clomid to start for 3 months, at 50mg. However I am ovulating every month,at day 19, change in temperature. Will it help me although already ovulating. Does it give extra boost?

    Also i am struggling to get the fertility clinic to do a lap and dye to check for blockages, as wont do it until tried clomid. However isnt it best todo lap and dye first, seems pointless as might habe blockage, surely the nhs fertility clinic should check for blockages first?
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    I got a bfp second month of using it and I ovulate. It pushed my ovulation back 2/3 days.

    I was due to have my lap and dye in Jan, after 3 months worth. I think in an ideal world you would want this first but if there is a waiting list I think they tend to prescribe in the meantime.

    Good luck. XXX
  3. Dancingkaty1

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    0 on my 3rd cycle of clomid 50mg....i ovulated by myself but my fs suggessted clomid as i had a hycosy & my tube was clear & i have polycysts on my ovary so she thought it might give my ovary a boost. I would def try the clomid while you are waiting for the lap & fs didnt see the need for me to have a lap & dye as i had a hycosy in sept but i have other symptoms that worry me so i paid privately to speak to a different specialist that does laps....he is ginving me one at end of jan so i would of just finished 3 mths of clomid.....imy fs has given me another 3 mths of clomid but im not going to start taking them til laps done x
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    Dec 24, 2009
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    Im ov but was put on Chlomid, I had the dye done same time i was put on chlomid. Guess it depends on waiting lists bfp after 2nd month but m/c. Just started Chlomid again, this is my 8th time taking it.....

    fingers crossed for all

  5. Apen2009

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    Dec 30, 2009
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    I did clomid and have a healthy little girl as a result. It causes you to produce more than a single follicle which may increase your overall odds. We've been trying it for four cycles and nothing has happened so I guess sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Who knows, maybe I built up a tolerance for it. As far as them not wanting to do the dye test. Clomid is by far the least inexpensive route so I'm sure they are thinking of the bottom line, a little bit. Maybe it depends on your insurance. When we did Clomid for the first time they made us have every ridiculous test they could conceive of before giving us the prescription. . . Good luck I hope it is successful for you!!!

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