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    Hi Ladies and Bumps, Hope your all well!!

    I was just wondering...What sort of clothes will I need to get baby?! And how many of each size?! She's due May 15th, so it will probably start getting a bit warmer then and I'm just worried all the clothes I get will be useless! :dohh:

    So do I just get vests and short sleeved bodysuits and rompers!? Are sleep suits still ok in warmer weather?! And what about things like little dresses...are they worth getting?!

    Also, where do you guys all buy your clothes from!? I'm struggling to find nice and not too expensive items?!

    Sorry if I seem really thick and useless lol, I just worry so much about this sort of thing!

    Thanks :flower:
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    Sep 26, 2010
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    mines due 26th may :) babygros are the best thing you can buy to start off with just 0-3 months and also vests and cardigans dresses arent a waste of money in my opinion as they can wear a vest and tights underneath and a cradigan even in winter but buy a few things that are 3-6 months as they do grow out of stuff pretty quickly and dont forget hats! x

    i like next for clothes especially girly stuff but i wont get everything there they can be a bit pricey mothercare/peacocks/primark are all good for babygros and vests x

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