Cold and clammy? Is this teething?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by nb1984, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    My LO has her 2 bottom teeth, one top one and is now working on 3 at once! She is in a real mess and from being a fab sleeper has been all over the place these last 2 weeks with these teeth. She has never been a crier or fussy so I know they are really hurting her :(

    All last week she had a really high temp, 39.2 at one point, but last night she felt really cold! She was in an all in one suit, 2 tog bag and a duvet and when I felt down her back she was cold to the touch! I kept checking on her as I was worried and she was quite clammy but she was fine and apart from stirring a few times between 12-2 she slept til 7am when she woke up really crying as the nurofen had worn off.

    I just wondered if cold and clammy are teething related things or something else entirely?

    Thanks! x
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    I don't know - but LO has been sick with his teething :-( He even threw up his calpol xx

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