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    following on from my thread a few weeks back wondering what was wring with my daughter, HV said it was relfux and gave us gaviscon but it has not made a difference, phoned HV again today and now she thinks she has colic?!!? what are the signs of colic? and what can you do to help with it? here is what she has

    she screams constantly from say between 4-5pm until bedtime at 8pm like she is in pain, EVERYDAY! and nothing quietens her,
    she does not finish her bottles, she was on 5oz but she was not finishing them so we dropped them to 4oz but she not even finishing them either
    she just does not settle in between feeds, we will put her in her swing or bouncer and half hour later she will start moaning and then crying, even when we pick her up she carries on,

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    I've read colic is defined as three hours or more of crying a day, lasting three days or more. You might have your doctor look her over to rule out anything else. I read a really good book on colic and comforting fussy babies called The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Carp. My baby doesn't have colic (at least not yet) but I know others who swear by his recommendations. Good luck!

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