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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Hi everyone.
    This is my first time on here and what a comfort. I am at present 8 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had a MMC between my two girls at 13 weeks after seeing and hearing the heart beat at 8 weeks and another after my second child at 8 weeks.

    I am so paranoid and worried. After reading the posts on here it is such a comfort to know that I am not alone in the knicker watching and pain feeling. Although I have no blood loss, although didn't with my first MC, I have had a lot of pain.

    I am terrified to get excited as i do not want to feel the amount of pain and sadness i did with the last two.

    I did consider booking an appointment with my gyne but last time I did that they said there was nothing they could do as it was to early to see on the scan. I had to wait two weeks not knowing if the baby had survived. Hardest two weeks ever. So this time I am just going to wait and see, keep everytihng crossed and hope and pray that all will be well.

    Thank you for this forum and everyones thoughts and hopes and fears x
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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Sending you loads of :hugs: and hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy for you :hugs:

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