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    I must have not been on here for a while - anyway I don't think I have introduce myself in the 3rd trim even though I am 29 weeks

    I am 26 years old with a 19 months son... And due with my second child (a girl)
    ... Anyway....

    I saw a midwife today even and I am concerned but she isn't -

    She said that it looks and feel like Lily is side ways and low down. (Head on my right and bottom in middle) and she's says lily is measuring 26 not 29 but possible cause she's side ways.

    Seeing her on 29th oct to see if she moved if not will have to go to scan and check the postition. I really hope she moves and she isn't measuring that small... I really not keen on c-section as will have a little boy at home to look after as well as lily
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    Hi & welcome :)

    I can understand why your worried, but you may be right and because of your baby's position they can't measure her accurately, are they measuring her from a scan? Or was it just the mw feeling your tummy or fundal height? As if so I don't believe them to always be so accurate.,.I'd advise you try not to worry yourself too much once you have the scan you'll know for sure as the mw could be wrong, also if she is side ways theres always an ecv they can do or you never know she may turn herself before birth...GoodLuck at your scan..xx

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