Concerning PMS symptoms? Pregnancy? Help!

Discussion in 'Not Trying, Not Preventing' started by cmasa211, Jan 13, 2019.

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    Hello to all you wonderful ladies!

    I want to throw out there some symptoms I have been having and I want your feels on them. It is pregnancy or concerning PMS symptoms?
    I threw this on this form because I wasn't keeping great track of my month and we are NT,NP....

    Hard part is that I don't know what day I ovulated. I put my temperatures in to two different apps and one says that I am 13 DPO and UglyRedAunt is due in two days and the other one says I am 9 DPO and UglyRedAunt is due in five days. I am currently CD 25--so I lean more to believing app #2, but app #1 seems more... "techy" and fancy.

    My normal PMS symptoms don't start until I get my period. A normal month for me look like 30 day cycle where I get INTENSE cramps that wake me up at 3 AM on CD 30 (seriously, that routine) and I run to the bathroom to throw a tampon in and it is a heavy flow with two days of intense PMS symptoms, but usually no symptoms before that.

    This month, for the last couple days, I have felt dizzy, extreme tiredness, slight front and back cramps. The last thing that is weirdest for me that I haven't ever noticed until today is that my areola is "swollen" and my nipples are constantly erect and tender.

    Are these symptoms I am possibly feeling because I am pregnant or is AF? I am not fishing for BFP comments, but want to know if any of these are concerning and warrant a visit to my doctor. If it is PMS symptoms, what would cause such a drastic change??

    Thank you in advance

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