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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Kmx, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Hi ladies,

    I'm just wondering if anyone had anymore insight into the benefits available to me. I have looked online but it all seems quite confusing.
    I am 20 my partner is 23, we will be renting when baby comes in November. We are both students at the moment but will be taking a year out after May.
    I have a part time job in a bank and earn around £6500 a year, my partner does not work but he will have a job in the next few months earning around £14000.

    I have worked in my work since January this year and finish my probation period in a couple of weeks, I havn't told them im pregnant yet. I think I may be entilted to maternity leave but not sure how much it is?

    Anyway im just wondering what help i will recieve for my family. It will help me plan for bills ect.

    Sorry its just a long thread i am just so confused as to what i can claim, when and how.

    The baby wont be going into childcare for the first year or two so i dont need to worry about that.

    Thanks to anyone with any advice :hugs:

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