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    Hello ladies,

    I am a new member and been reading through posts and would just like to say that it is so nice to see so many intelligent, self aware women who support each other so much.

    I have been ttc my second child for about 5 months. The first was so easy, no waiting, decided to try and 2 weeks later I was pregnant.

    This time has been a bit more challenging. I am quite regular, 28 day cycle, then 2 months ago, I was 4 days late. I had no cramping like i typically do before my cycle starts and very tender breasts. I thought I was pregnant, took the test, it was negative and ended up getting my period the next day. I can't remember the last time I was late, but I chalked it up to a one time thing. Now this past month, I was late again, only 2 days this time. Why all of the sudden am I not regular? I don't get it. :shrug:

    I'm worried that I will have a hard time pin pointing ovulation if my cycle is kind of out of whack. I picked up some ovulations tests and will use them this month. Any ideas what might be causing my cycle to be changing now?

    Any insight would be great.


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