Confusing temp signals- please help xx

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by KARMA2011, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi Girls,

    Taken a bit of a break from opk's and charting every last detail so decided this month that I was going to monitor my temps and CM and go by my predicted dates DH & I however have done it twice a day everyday this month just to cover all angles!:blush:

    Anyhow things have gone to plan and I think I'm around 4 DPO the past week I've noticed these constant cramps that are not quite as intense as AF but very similar- I havent noticed this before! Also I've been waiting for the shoot up in temp to confirm what I think which is that ovulation has occured I thought it had as I've been around 36.2 36.4 then the past 3 days its been steady at 36.7 so I thought that must have been my surge in temp signaling ov has occured. Anyhow just out of curiosity I took my temp this evening and its shot up to 36.9 -My question is - is it normal for your temp to rise in the evening in comparison to the morn or could the shoot up in temp be the signal of ovulation.:wacko:

    Also could the cramping be ovulation pains? is it too early for implantation? Im terrified that AF is gonna come early- any advice would be sooo appreciated.xx:shrug:

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