confussed again !!!

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    Hello ladies looking for some advice - AGAIN !! seem to always be on here moaning or seeking help ,
    Anyways , i'm on CD 25 of what should be a 30-32 day cycle , CD25 last month i was having my period , but no signs this time .
    I've been using my clearblue fertility monitor and was low CD10-CD16 , on CD17 it went high and i had EWCM and back ache (which made me think i ovulated)since then its stayed high , i POAS 2 days ago just because they come throught the post and couldn't help myself and i thought i could defo see a line (pic posted in another 1 of my threads) tested again since then and nothing other than a v v very faint line (prob just my eyes) !!
    (confussing bit) because i hadn't got my peak i have been using OPK's for 3 days nothing but a very faint line the last 2 days and today i got a very strong pink line , so what do you think ? because i'm really really confussed , did i not ovulate around CD17 or am i having 2 shots at it this month never ovulated past CD18 in my life , or is mother nature just making me slowly go out of my mind aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh !! haha
    Why is it so stressful TTC no wonder i can't get my :bfp: :growlmad:

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