Correct days to B'D and anything that will help TTC

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Nibeley, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I am new to TTC, came off pill before xmas, AF 25th Dec, then again yesterday. I am 33 nearly 34 and so paranoid I will run out of time and get into the more difficult time (over 35), so I want to try and get this right.
    I have bought a CBFM and started it today (AF at 3pm yesterday). I have read so much different information about not B'ding everyday as reduces quality of sperm but I want to make sure we give it the best shot this month. So when is best to B'D - all high and peak days? On day of ovulation? (does the monitor tell you when you've ovulated?)

    I have been on FA for months in preparation and have started Evening primrose today - anything else thats worked for you?

    From a complete novice in TTC :dohh:
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    The three days before O and the day of O are the most fertile. They say that as long as OH doesn't have any sperm count issue then it's ok to do it every day.

    I tried to follow the "sperm meets egg plan" (look it up!) and that's what worked for us!

    Come on over to the Early 30's TTC #1 thread! They're a great support and the thread has historically been a lucky one! Good luck!
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    New to ttc and just starting and already bought a cbfm!! You must be serious about getting pregnant asap!!! I think thats great to know exactly what you want!!

    Your age should not be anything to worry about. Me and my friends have all just started having babies and we are all nearly 34 or roundabout there. I am just starting ttc for no2.

    I dont know how the cbfm works but I do hear that its great!

    I wish you all the best!! :flower:

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