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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by mummy2jack, Jan 25, 2011.

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    He started a bit sniffly a couple of days ago so been usin saline drops and a tickly cough started yesterday so i got him some calcough medicine, he has had that a couple of times.
    Ttonight he has been coughin, really spluttering and nearly chokin on the amount of mucus :( how can i help him get it up, i tried rubbin his back etc.In every other way he's fine, no tempaerature and happy as larry etc
    Is the amount of mucus increased cos he's getting rid of it out of his nose? He was rubbing his ear a lot too when i was feeding him, prob bein daft but ear, nose, throat...? i know they are all related.
    Does it sound like a common cold or more serious?
    Please dont have a go at me for asking on here and not ringin a doctor!! if i was "really" worried, i'd be phonin nhs or something but like i said, he's fine in himself. I am a first time mum with not much family and not had any experience with babies until now :dohh:
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    Sorry, don't really know, but I've heard steam can help clear the airways. ie. if you turn the shower or bath on hot and just stay in the bathroom with door closed for a bit to breath in the steam. I was going to try this as Anya's had a cold since the weekend and had a really bad chesty cough too (I could hear the mucus rasping in her chest when she was coughing and sometimes just breathing). It didn't seem to bother her too much though, except disturbing her sleep, so just used saline spray to clear her stuffy nose and gave her a tiny bit of Calpol this morning as she'd had a bad night and seemed upset, but she really has improved a lot since then and has been coughing much less.

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