Could someone symptom spot for me?!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by NYCBride, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Hi All!

    I was just after some advice really!

    My cycles are normally 32 days.

    Last week I got a bloody discharge and figured :witch: was on her way to set up residence. I normally have that for a day before fully fledge bleeding starts....

    I had one show of bloody discharge and then that was it....

    Then this week day before yesterday and had it again but then went again :blush:

    Then today I've had a tiny amount of reddish brown discharge first thing this morning....

    Today is day 35 of my cycle, and now Im really confused as to whether :witch: is on her way or not....

    DH and I haven't BD'ed much this month, as we've both been too knackered/working too hard.

    I dont have a text in the house. Only some ovulation strips.

    We hadn't started with the strips yet because we're just starting on TTC so we were trying out "timing" first... :happydance: hoping that would be enough....

    I've been pretty tired all week, and have felt pretty "wet" down there, but I'd just thought it was :witch: coming along...

    I'm pretty sure I ovulated, as had a lot of cm for two days and then pretty dry......

    I've had leg cramps, poor circulation, no sore boobs or increase in size, and a bit of a breakout of spots along my jaw line (about 3 little ones)

    Any suggestions? Im not sure I could face testing and it being negative:hissy:
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    Hey there. I had a brownish discharge about a week before AF was due and it turned out to be a bit of implantation spotting. I only had it for a day though and there wasn't much. But the whole "feeling wet down there" thing, is similar to what i had too. FX'd it's a BFP for you! And I didn't have sore bbs either, which is unusual for me as they usually kill before AF! Hope this helps a little! Good luck

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