Covid and conceiving

Discussion in 'Covid 19 The Coronavirus Outbreak' started by monroea, Jul 17, 2021.

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    I know this is a long shot but has anyone ever gotten pregnant while having Covid? My husband and I both have Covid and it's my fertile time. I'm worried that the quality of sperm and eggs could be weakened from the virus. Any thoughts?
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    Sorry to hear you both have covid! Ive not heard of anybody conceiving whilst having covid... but saying that, the body naturally attacks sperms as it would an infection in the body and if you currently have an infection, your immune system is lower and therefore more sperms can get a chance of getting through. My first child was conceived 10yrs ago after suffering from the normal flu. Id never had it before was Bedford for over a week. Once I was up and about I was fertile so went for it and had a great pregnancy and she is incredibly healthy nearly 10yr old. We were ttc against the odds as hubby had had a vasectomy reversal and so I was convinced it was because my immune system was impaired. I did read somewhere years ago that lowering the immune system is a thing to help couples conceive. My 2nd and 3rd pregnancy were also following an illness. 2nd pregnancy I misscarried but 3rd was fine. So...why not? If you're up to it that is. The sperm surely has to be of adequate quality to make it to the egg and get through doesnt it? Good luck! X

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