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    Jul 13, 2009
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    For the past two evenings, ive been feeling really crampy, like im gunna come on my period. It usually feels very achy on the lower half of my bump.

    Then last night I got in bed, and I literally couldnt lay down cos it hurt so bad, it eased if it sat up, and this time it hurt on the upper part of my bump, like in a band going round in between my belly button and my boobs if that makes sense. I also had a really painful BH which made me sit bolt upright, my tummy went rock solid.

    I feel fine now, no cramping or anything, but just wondered if anyone else gets this or knows what it could be? Im gunna keep an eye on it tonight and see if it comes back. Just looked in the mirror aswell and it looks as if my bump has lowered slightly, is it too early for him to engage?
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    I've had the period pains too and it was a sign my LO is trying to engage, i'm currently 4/5ths as of last Wednesday. I'm still getting them but they aren't exactly painful.

    I guess your LO could be engaging but not sure about the other aches/pains on the top of your bump.

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