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    Hi ladies, lo is now 22 months old and last nite was the first nite since she was born that she literally screamed and cried the house down of now wanting to get in to her cot, she keep pointing out the door wanting to go to our bed, i gave up after about 10 minutes and took her to our bed, but then she wouldn't sleep so carried her back to her cot where she started crying again i left the room and after about 5 mintues i thought she was gone to sleep looked in and she seen me so started crying again, i left the room again and she cried again but after about 5 minutes she just laid down and when to sleep

    Has you LO done this. I felt/feel so awful for doing this as i never had to do it before every other nite is straight into her cot say good nite and thats her gone until 7 am. the next morning.

    Do you think she is going to remember me been nasty or mean to her. eg so adults when we have been hurt/upset we feel like our hearts are breaking do you think she would have that feeling.:cry::cry::cry::cry:
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    Absolutely not-- she will wake up happy and content hun. That is just how LO's are. I know it's heartbreaking any time our LO's are upset- but it's perfectly Ok to let them cry a bit when needed if nothing else works. I was not so lucky in that dept with my LO- she was always a GREAT sleeper- and I'm super thankful there, but as a baby (especially) she has many nights of crying- even while I held her shushing or rocking or doing everything and anything I could think of to calm her-- and yes, there were times I had to just put her down and take a moment. We did some mild controlled crying eventually and that really helped her learn to self settle on her own- and since then, even if she does have an "off" night- once it passes (whether a few days or a few weeks) she goes right back to self settling. She's done much better since around 10-12mos-- but still has her off nights for sure. Least now she doesn't cry if I'm in the room- but some nights I can't just sit in her room till she's asleep since she needs that down time (always has) and will play for a good 30-45mins before she's ready to lay down and go to sleep. Usually she plays just fine alone- but some nights I have to go back a few times to console or give extra snuggles...

    Sorry for the long response- my point being, your LO will be completely fine hun. :hugs:

    tbh- your LO being so easy to bed is probably something a lot of parents would be jealous of ;) It's ok if she has an off night. Just do what your comfy with and all will be fine.

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