Currently in hospital: think we are getting there!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by BubbaG, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I have always suspected my LO had reflux and last thurs we were on hospital for it and were prescribed ranitidine and gaviscon. It seemed to make a difference for one day and then we were back to square one. I was heartbroken. My LO just screams day in and day out and will not nap. It got to a point yesterday thr when I took him to the GP she started crying and sent me back to the childrens ward.

    I have been in over night and they have confirmed silent reflux and colic. he gulps down his feeds (bf) and you can hear him taking the air in? As if he has been starved. I was feeding every 3 hrs.

    It was decided that he would get a ff at night and one during the day so we could get his gavisscon in it as he was spitting it otherwise and he has just taken his first ff and is now fast asleep in his cot!!!

    We are staying in overnight again to try and tweek the management. 2 weeks ago when he turned from my angel to a screamer I ask my hv if ge had reflux and she said NO, not a chance in hell! I also asked about if she suggested combining ff and bf as he eats constantly and she said that was a bad idea to!

    I'm so glad I followed my heart! He is a little constipated off the gavisscon but we are at least being listened to!
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    I'm so glad someone is finally listening to you, it's such a good feeling. I remember when Poppy was poorly and no one (in particular our bloody hv!!) would take us seriously. Hope it's all sorted and your lo is all better soon x

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