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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Tweetz, Aug 29, 2019.

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    So I feel my 6 week old could have a dairy allergy... During feeds she gets fussy and has had a dry prickly rash on her face for over 3 weeks... She also gets a stuffy nose and can sound wheezy... Ive been to the doctors so many times but just get fobbed off with oh it's probs viral... Its baby acne... Its dry skin... Sick of getting no where... So I've decided to cut dairy out my diet and see if there is any change... What I was wondering was do I have to cut out anything that has milk in its production like Caramel... Cakes... Cereals etc or is it just the main culprits like milk butter cream cheese etc

    It just seems everything contains some form of dairy
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    It really depends on the severity of the allergy in the child. The more you can cut out the better but cutting out large parts of your diet can put your body and mind under huge strain so you need to weigh up the strain of feeling something is wrong with your child vs the strain of dramatic changes to your diet. Milk allergies can be serious and make people miserable - especially when they aren't being believed and listen too. However there is a huge amount of money being made by increasing anxiety in mothers over things like milk allergies, so it can be really hard to figure out how worried we should be and how likely such things are.

    Have you got any other mums around you, maybe with older babies/children, who you could talk to about whether the skin rash and fussiness sound like normal 'baby' stuff or not?

    I would also say breastfeeding support and hanging out with other breastfeeding mums can be invaluable. Something like a fast letdown could cause fussiness during feeds and lead to wheeziness and a blocked nose if the milk fills her mouth too fast and causes any gagging or choking etc.

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