Day time naps/Night terrors - general sleep issues!!

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by MrsT2B, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hi ladies!

    Just after some advice really! Our favourite subject - sleep!

    So, LO is 23 months just about, always been a great sleeper/napper.

    We moved him into a bed around 6 weeks ago and after the first hideous week, he has been an angel, settled into it really well.

    Now, he has always had a 2 hour nap, after lunch, since he was 12 months old, no issues, lay him down in cot and off to sleep.

    He has been napping fine in his bed until approx 8-10 days ago. He will fight and fight it, even though he is shattered! Currently, he has been upstairs since 12.30 - 1 and a half hours and is STILL messing about!:wacko:

    He has done this about 6 out of the 8 days. I thought he may be wanting to drop his nap so we tried no sleep for a couple of days, it was awful, he fell asleep at 5.30 shattered and proceeded to not go to sleep until 10pm!

    He will carry on and eventually give up and fall asleep at like 2/2.30 - and still wants 2 hours but obviously its to late so I wake him up by 3.30 latest - thi sway he still goes to bed by 8pm.

    What do you think is happening? He clearly still needs a sleep? Yet when he goes to my MIL's (she has him 1 day when i work), he goes in the bed, 12.30, 2 hours sleep, no problem!

    He has also started waking at night, 2/3am and really screaming, inconsolably. He will only settle in our bed and then after 10 mins, go back to his own bed and fall straight asleep! Im assuming this may be night terrors?

    So im just after some advice on how i tackle these 2 things? I am a bit lost at the moment but seem to have a tired, whingy child constantly right now!



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