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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by kellysays2u, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Well my daughter started having seizures last wednesday. Although they could have started awhile ago and that was the reason she was turning blue when she was hospitalized not the bullshit reflux reason they gave me... But for the actual question here is what happened at her neurology appt.

    We walk in the nurse is really nice (he used to be a nurse for my pedi also so I was really excited that he was going to be working with her as some nurses there are really rude. Weighs her does all her measurements blood pressure all the "fun" stuff. He is ABSOLUTELY GREAT with her. Plays with her and everything. Then leaves and says that her doctor should be in shortly. He comes in says hi sits and reads the notes and says well according to this print out of information I have she isn't having seizures because both sides of her body are being affected. I said ok then what is it? He responds with well I am not sure let me look at her. So I let him look her over and he is a complete asshole. She is trying to interact with him smiling and he won't even crack one smile and is flipping her around like a rag doll while she looks back and forth from him to me still trying to get him to just smile and play. I started getting really pissed off let him finished and he hands her to me. So we sit down and he goes she looks perfectly fine. I am just completely dumb founded at everything. He says so I still want her EEG done but if that comes back normal then you will have to figure out something else because it won't be my problem... I got very upset and said so according to your theory your putting my daughter through un-necessary tests and then just leaving me with no answers? He didn't really no how to respond and said excuse me do not talk to me like that I am doing my job as a doctor. I said your right your doing your job and nothing extra at all. I told him I would have my daughter have the EEG cause I have been told by her doctor as well as the Dr. in the ER that what she was having was a seizure and that I would not be seeing him again and he would be getting a very bad review from me and a call to the head of the Childrens department.

    My question is what would you do after leaving. I still haven't gotten her EEG results but then again it was only yesterday. I did call twice today and was finally explained why I had not heard about the results at the time I was told I should. But would you get a second oppinion? I think I am going to with a different doctor. I would go to a different hospital but this hospital is one of the top 3 hospitals in the country I think and owns all the other hospital in the three states around me.
    Also how would you go about reporting and would you demand further studies?
    I know part of this is because I am younger. I am getting a patient advocate next time I go I think (if they even do further appts).

    I know this doesn't make a whole lot of sense I wrote this after being very upset after her doctors appt and forgot to actually post it.
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    That is completely awful! So basically, he is saying there is nothing wrong with her because he hasn't seen her have these seizures, therefore she is fine? Thats him doing his job!?
    I would ask to see another doctor, is there not another at the same hospital that you could see? I would also put in a complaint like you said. Just because you are young does not make you any less of a mother, you deserve to be treated with respect!
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    I am going to ask to see another doctor but its just kinda horrible because they all tend to be like this... Its just horrible. I don't know how someone can be that rude... I can't wait to see her primary today. Were gonna talk about delaying her four month shots since she isn't in daycare and its unknown if the DbT shot over here can cause seizures and she is very pro delaying if she sees problems. I am calling this morning to report him and once I get her EEG results ask where to go from there. Hopefully will get her results today.
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    :hugs:that's awful, you should go get a second opinion, ask to see a different doctor.
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    Yes I would never see that doctor again, get another doctor. What a tosser! Can anyone recommend another doctor/hospital to you?

    I just wanted to say a big well done for standing up to the idiot. Sounds like you did really well by saying something to him at the time. I bet most people in your position would be intimidated and just put up with it and be upset after.

    Sorry can't help with how to complain as things will be different in your country

    Love Karen

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