decided to come back :D

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by jennahlou, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Soo I have been away for a while not because I stopped TTC but because I felt it was time to try the'stop thinking about it and it will happen' route. This isn't the case. 6 rounds of strongest dose of clomid and still no little peanut xxx

    I have another FS appointment in january, providing.g I've lost enough weight (she doesn't seem to understand this is difficult because of pcos and insulin resistance) we will discuss ivarian drilling.

    Had to come back because the stress of new babies and a LOT of people being pregnant there is only you ladies that understand and will put up with my ranting xx
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    Aww! Welcome back! :hugs:

    Yes we're all here to help!!!

    I stopped coming for a year or so cause I just wanted to have fun cause people say if you stop thinking and trying it'll happen....
    Well not true in our case... So we're back TTC!

    I'm temping and if the :witch: shows up I'm gonna start using the fertility monitor! I've heard about 98% of women get pregnant on a couple of uses on this thing!! I hope it really works! My OH is excited!

    Good luck Hun! You can always talk to us if you need to :hugs::dust:

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