Depression and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by Brosey, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Brosey

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    Nov 24, 2010
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    I suffer from depression, it comes and goes in big lumps. Last year I rarely had any depressive outbursts but ive had it really bad the past month. Im irritable and have been suggest I might actually be bipolar. But everytime I go to the doctors I feel like they just think im being a "silly moody teenager"

    Im 18 (almost 19!), and I had depression at first when I was 16 due to a friend dying and my long term boyfriend breaking up with me (Yeah I get that sounds silly but to me it was quite traumatic, I loved him so much and ive always been maturer than my age)

    I got over it and felt better but ive always had depresive episodes every now and then (no it is not PMT)

    I might go to the doctor again soon, but my real question is, will this make me a bad mother? Im not pregnant but me and my partner are considering trying, I have a good job and we're planning on moving out together very soon. I don't think its fair to cancel out having a baby just because I have depression, but will this mean I will definately have post natal depression or find it really hard being pregnant because my mood swings will be even more intense? Is there anything I can do to stop this? I don't want to go on anti-depressants because i'm worried it will stop me getting other jobs in the future.
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    Dec 12, 2008
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    i'm bi polar and have anxiety

    after having my daughter i did suffer from
    severe post natal depression and i was only diagnosed
    with bi polar etc last year, however none of this affects the
    way i parent, the post natal depression was awful to be
    fair but emily was always well looked after, it was emotional
    side that i struggled with, i didn't bond with her until she
    was around 18 months, i'm on medication for the minute
    and i have regular councilling both of which have really helped

    there are plenty of girls on here with mental health
    problems but it really doesn't affect the way you bring your
    child up, i don't let my problems get in the way of being a mum

    you'll be fine aslong as you're aware you might need a
    helping hand or someone to speak to and if you feel you're not
    coping speak to someone and get your problems sorted as quickly
    as possible, i waited for ages before i spoke to anyone and i really
    wish i'd done it sooner

    i'm 21 and had my little girl when i was 19
    you're more than welcome to send me a pm
    i'm always about :hugs::hugs::hugs:
  3. BabyBumm

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    Feb 6, 2011
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    Hi, I live with depression too. It comes in waves but its not period related.
    Im not writing much cos today is a bad day, am hiding in my room. Gotta take kids to a party in an hour. NOT looking forward to it.
    Feel free to pm me. U can add me on fb too if u like.
    Nice to know people who understand. I am currently looking into diet management too as I've heard it can help.
  4. Groovychick

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Similar to babybumm, my depression tends to come and go. Unfortunately, I'm going through a bad patch at the moment but am on a low dose of anti-depressants. I'd definitely consider going back your doctor but make it plain you have thought seriously about your visit. I know you say you wouldn't consider starting anti-depressants, but I still urge to try them if you can. You can't be prevented from getting a job if you are on anti-depressants. :hugs:

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