Do I still have chance this cycle

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Rawan, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,
    I took femara this cycle from day 3-7. So far no positive opk yet. I had bloodwork and ultrasound this morning, and the nurse told me there's a bit LH surge in my blood, they told me to come back on Monday and will let me know when to do ovidrel. So far I only have one leading follicle at 15 mm. Today is day 10 for me. Last cycle I didn't take any med and I had lh surge on day 11. My partner is away, so we won't be able to have sex until tomorrow evening. The doctor/nurse told me it should be ok, but they said I should have sex tonight to be on the safe side, but my partner not here tonight ](*,). I think if my follicle is still 15 mm, I shouldn't ovulate that soon yet right? Although I've been having some cramping from time to time. I really hope if I have sex tomorrow with my partner, it won't be too late. For those that did ovidrel, how big was your follicle when they give you ovidrel? Need some positive encouragement, thank you!
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    Hi I took Femara on my last cycle my follicle was at 14mm and was told to have sex within the next few days to catch the egg if I ovulate this was on the 31st is December and I ovulate on the 1-2 of jan and managed to catch the egg and currently 8 week pregnant. I’m sure if you dtd the next day u should hopefully still catch the egg x

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