Do you think she visits lo?

Discussion in 'Paranormal' started by fxmummyduck, Feb 27, 2015.

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    My grandma passed away Jan 2013 just before I found out I was pregnant, my sister's boy was born and my wedding :( she was looking forward to everything so much.

    I used to see her a lot and take her out places, shopping etc.

    Ever since, Im sure she comes to visit but it's always in the's more that I can smell her scent/perfume first and then sense her sat in the passenger seat. I had a really scary drive home in snow once and that was the first time it happened, I think she was looking after me, keeping me calm.

    But I've always wondered if she visits her great grandson? I took him to where her ashes are scattered when he was about 6 weeks old on the anniversary she died.

    I hope she does see him. Is there any way I can find out?! Sorry for the silly questions.
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    If you feel her about in the car, I bet anything that she visits you at home and sees your LO. Babies are more open to spirits than most adults - do you ever catch him looking at corners on the ceiling or smiling at nothing at all? It is most likely her!
    One of my dear friends lives in a house where a little old lady's husband passed away, and every time I am over, I see/feel him lingering in the back yard or living room. We know his name and I call it out to him when I see him, and her LO has always looked in the same direction I see him, smiling or cooing, laughing or these days, pointing. I know she sees him too.

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