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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by aidensxmomma, Apr 18, 2009.

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    So I really want to make a birth plan this time around because when I'm in labor I don't want to be answering all the nurse's questions and I tend to be a control freak and want everything (afterwards) done my way.

    When I was pregnant with Aiden, I made a birth plan and brought it up to my doctor and he said he didn't do those. I was a little confused but just let it roll off my back because I formula fed right away and didn't need any special directions for the hospital staff after Aiden was born. This time, though, I want to try breastfeeding right away and therefore have some different ideas about what I want to happen after my little girl is born. Like getting to breastfeed her as soon as possible, scheduling time with the breastfeeding consultant, etc. I'm sure I can tell hospital staff all of this when I get admitted, but I probably won't be thinking straight once I'm in labor.

    So my questions are:
    *When should I make my birth plan?
    *How can I get my doctor to review it with me?
    *Should I make an extra copy or two to bring with me to the hospital to give to them when I'm admitted?
    *If I do give one to the hospital staff, should I also send one with my pre-registration forms?

    I'm sure a couple of these questions have been asked before, but I'm really lazy and don't want to look through the section. :rofl:
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    Honestly, I'd see a different doctor than one who states "he doesn't do birth plans." Considering that the whole point of a birth plan is to empower you and your decisions, I'd be nervous about a doctor who is basically saying he doesn't care about your wishes.
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    I would also find another doctor who is willing to respect your wishes.

    To answer your questions though
    * You can make it whenever you are sure of what you want, I did mine at about 34 weeks.
    * Your doctor should be willing to discuss your wishes for the birth, if they are not willing, find a doctor that is!
    *I would take an extra couple in with me. I also made sure that my birth companions had copies and I added a copy to my notes.
    * I probably would.
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    You have the right to do it your way. My maternity notes came with a birth plan form included for me to fill in as and when. If you go to HIPP website they have a very good one you can download and print off to fill in. Just pop it in with your notes and print off a spare one if you wish to give to your birth partner so everyone is clear on what you want
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    With my son I made a birth plan, discussed it in depth with my doctor and (THANKFULLY) my husband. The night I gave birth, the doctor I had been seeing all throughout my pregnancy had an emergency of her own and I was under the care of another doctor. Because I had told my husband all of my wishes, he was right there to answer all of the doctors questions without me having to wake from my drug induced stupor. He made sure the doctors cleaned up my son before they showed him to me, told them I DIDN'T care to see the afterbirth, and even made sure there was a midwife to hold my hand as our son actually made his entrance into the world because he wanted to see it happen from front and center (at that point, I was just the supporting actress, our son was the star, and this doesn't bother me one bit).

    Make a birth plan, but discuss it with whoever is going to be with you in delivery. This way, if there are any questions, they can field them and you can just do the birthing thing! (Really, like it isn't hard enough to push that little booger out...they want you to THINK too??? No way!)

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