Does it get easier?

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by Katie_baby_1, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Hey girls, i'm feeling REALLY down at the moment, ive got a 9 week old and have split with my OH a week ago. Ive been diagnosed with PND and i just feel like im in a situation im never going to get out of. My OH was emotionally abusive and was very unsupportive after i had grace-always leaving me to go to his brothers to smoke weed. Hes being doing this for a looooooooong time and been lying to me about it.

    He always told me things would be different when she was here but things got worse. the lies continued and i came to the point where i'd have enough. Surely im not wrong to ask him to stop smoking weed for his family? He says hes tried but he cant do it!

    Sooo... last week we had a massive barney and something just clicked that i cant do this anymore! But now im feeling really low...i cant be bothered to do sat here and im still in my pyjamas!

    Will i ever get out of this depression??? and be able to enjoy my daughter? i love her to pieces abd feel really guilty for her about the whole situation...she doesnt deserve this!

    Sorry for the moan! x x
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    I don't have my baby yet, but I can assure you that the feeling like you're never going to be happy again does go away. You need time - you only just broke up a week ago! A good rule of thumb (I'm told) is to be upset for 1 week for every 6 months you were together. After that you should start to feel like you can pick yourself back up off the floor again.

    PND won't help the situation so maybe you should make sure that you have someone to talk to about things. A therapist, best friend, relative...anyone. Just don't try to keep it all in whatever you do! And of course we are always here to rant to (Lord knows I've done enough of it!)

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