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    Been to the drs for the results tonight for the results of my scan as Ive not had a period since Oct 7th after coming off the pill in August,Ive got a cyst on my left ovary about 1cm dimension and they could also see a dominant follicle on my left ovary (although felt sure he said right to start off with but then I asked again and he said left twice) they want to rescan in two months to see if anything has changed. They won't give me anything to make me have a period till they know what's going on, if I still haven't had a period in two months!!! ,they will refer me.

    Im a bit confused ss the dominant follicle was there so surely I should have ovulated? I think although im not 100% sure from his answers but the folicles develop and then you get a dominate one which breaks away and thats what you ovulate? As the dominant follicle was there youd think I was going to ovulate soon. They think might be the pill but cant be sure or anything. Just a case of wait and see lol. I went for reflexology at the weekend and am having 4 treatments in a row before going to once a month so hoping that might help. They are putting in for the scan now so I will have that in two months, not go back in two months then have to wait another month for a scan and they would be referring me at less than the normal year so thats good. But hopefully it wont take that and I will get my BFP. I think they want me to wait another two months because technically you have to wait a year before being referred but because of no period I can be referred after another two months! I keep getting cramps and my boobs hurt so am hoping my body is trying hard to go back to normal and that with a couple more weeks it will be!

    Does anyone have any idea how this dominant follicle stiff works or are going through something similar?

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