Done a big wee wee!

Discussion in 'Featured Tales from the Crib' started by MrsPear, Jul 18, 2017.

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    OH and Joni went swimming today. They had great fun in the pool, and after they got out, he undressed her and dried her off and began to dry himself with the towel.

    Suddenly she began to cry, saying, "Done a big weewee". Even though she isn't potty trained and can't control her bladder yet, she gets very upset when she wees on the floor. We try hard to make it seem completely okay and act totally not-bothered when it happens because we don't want to make her anxious... poor OH had to keep completely calm and like it was the least annoying thing in the world as he put on the soaking tee-shirt, boxers and jeans that she had just done her huge wee in the middle of.

    Needless to say, he stripped back off as soon as he got home!

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