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Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by Starlee, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Morning ladies, cut a long story short. I had a mmc in nov last yr at 10 weeks but baby passed away at 6week ish mark :cry:, that was natural, 2nd mmc this year end of april at 9weeks but baby passed away again at 6 weeks:cry: didnt no nothing till i went in 4 a early scan, no heart beat, had 2 have medical management, well any way 2weeks after my hcg levels where nearly 4000, now 4weeks down the line they have dropped down 2 under 2ooo. Why is it taken so long?? Doctors and nurses are not really helpful, just said it takes time!!
    Thats no good 2 me i just want 2 get bk 2 normal and get my 1st cycle back and try again.
    Have 2 go back in another 2weeks 2 get them checked again.:growlmad:
    Sorry 2 ramble on just needed to talk 2 someone diffrerent. xxxx
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    So sorry for your losses huni :(

    My period has just came on time which im so thankful for but I know it can take up to 6 weeks for a period to come and sometimes longer. Its depressing keep going for blood tests and all that. They should just do a scan to check all is back to normal, that way you wouldnt keep needing to go for blood tests!
    Mention a scan to them? The scan is distressing also :( But atleast its out the way then and you can try to get back to 'normal' ! I hope your period comes soon xx
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    Starlee, I agree with mummyandbump, I would request a scan to check everything is clear. I had a follow-up scan 12 days after my medical management which confirmed my womb was clear of any pregnancy tissue. I actually got my first negative HPT the day of this scan so only 12 days after the mc. I didn't have any blood tests but a negative HPT should surely mean levels are extremely low or non-existent :shrug: My spotting stopped a couple of days after the scan too and I'm now waiting on first AF (mc was 5 weeks ago yesterday).

    I know all ladies are different and it can take time for hormone levels to fall but it can also mean there is some pregnancy tissue left (ie some placenta) that is still giving off some hormone. So a scan would show if this was the case.

    Have you completely stopped bleeding? x

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