Doppler Repair?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by MiissDior, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Any of you ladies know where I can send my Dopper for repair? Im based in ireland but if was possible id deffo send it anywhere
    It's a SONOTRAX B fetal doppler
    Just to be sure im getting OH to bring home a different brand of Batteries
    now at lunch time to check

    I baught it in aug-sept 09 and cant remeba the Name of the seller
    I baught it off on ebay :shrug: and am near sure it had a 2-3yr gaurantee
    2days ago i started getting a loud interfernce noise and cant pick up my own heartbeat withuot been muffled and now today can barely hear mine and deffo cant hear the babies (think babies is hid centre low down behind the wooooosshhing noise but i cant be sure its not clear) ..soo im stuck now with a dodgy doppler and gunna go out of my mind :( Thankfully iv a scan on tue to keep me reassured but having paid alot back in 09 for doppler - which turned out to be a huge peace of mind with my son -id love it repaired its in Great Condition
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    I'm guessing the cost of sending it for repair would equal or be more than the cost of a new one. Mine cost about $30 on eBay, and I love it. It's a BabySounds B and has a hb digital readout, two headphone jacks, and a cord to hook it up to the computer to record. And it's all in one tiny piece, no separate wand. Sorry you have to go without a working doppler for so long. I also find it to be a huge relief and the best purchase I've made while pregnant.

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