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    Hi Ladies
    So me & hubby already have our 2Yr old little boy. I’m desperate for another baby. Hubby is meh about it. (Happy to have another now, just wants to get as much sex out of me before and during trying )
    So last month he didn’t pull out 3 times

    I suspect I have PCOS as does my gp (can’t confirm it due to covid restrictions). So my cycles have been irregular. I’m 3 days late (last month I was 5 days late). A test yesterday was negative. My cervix is low, soft and slightly open....

    Could my cycles be so messed up, I’m about to ovulate or do you think I’m about to start my period?

    I know you may have no answers. I just needed to get this all out as I’m going insane!!!
    Thank you and sorry
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    It's hard to say really, if your cycles aren't regular you could be anywhere within it, even with regular cycles you sometimes get the odd one where you won't ovulate until really late. I was once 3 weeks late when ttc my 4th.
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    Unfortunately, there might be many reasons why you can't get pregnant. I agree with the previous poster it's hard to say and it's better to discuss your concerns with yr doc x
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    You are considered to be regular with your cycles even with a fluctuation of 1-7 days each month, your period need not come right on the same time every month. There are a lot of factors like diet changes, sleep times, wake up times, exercise/work out, stress, anxiety, outside weather, your current age etc., that can effect cycles by few days each month. Unless you are having a cycle that lasts less than 21 days or that goes longer than 35-37 days consistently every month, you are not considered irregular. So relax!! :)

    PCOS is more complex than you think, some women who have PCOS have no period for 2-3 months or they have multiple periods in one month, irregular bleeding patterns, heavy or very light periods, sudden weight gain or weight loss, hair fall, acne, unusual cramps or pains, anovulatory cycles etc.. so unless you have any of these, don't put too much thought on unnecessary Google insights.

    Cervix changes everyday, every month, sometimes it changes multiple times a day. So checking cervix position isn't a good idea or doesn't mean anything at all. While Cervical fluid/ CM is considered to be a good reference for fertility tracking, when you have egg white CM/ watery CM you are meant to be in the fertile window, provided you are tracking your ovulation using OPK and BBT to confirm that.

    Have you been using OPKs at all?
    I would suggest you to start using OPK tests for 2-3 months consecutively before you start actively TTC (start using OPK strips from 2-3 days after period ends completely, take the test twice everyday - one at around 10am or11am and second at around 5am or 6pm, making sure that each test has a minimum of 6 hour gap and you hold your urine for 1.5 to 2 hours before the test), so that you get a good idea of how your body works at this point (knowing you have a kid already and your body can conceive naturally). Use a BBT thermometer to check your wake up time temperature every day (while still in bed, at the same time daily) along with using OPK.
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