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    I'm not really expecting much response here but I am really worried.

    I had an operation at the begining of August (at which point I was 4 weeks pregnant but didnt know) The operation was on my ear I have had three on it now and I was give antibiotics and ear drops. As soon as I found out I stopped taking both of them and saw the doctor. At first she was worried about the ear drops but she enquired and she told me that the ear drops were fine to take during pregnancy and wouldnt increase any risk. I didnt feel happy taking them so I stopped.

    Now however I have the worst ear infection I can remember having (and Ive had a pretty rough time with my ear), I can hardly open my mouth as everywhere feels sore and bruised. My consultant at the hospital prescribed me 2 lots of different ear drops as they dont do an all in one for what I need and convinced me over and over that they were safe to use during pregnancy as they are not absorbed into the skin and they only heal the ear drum.

    Before I took the ear drops I read the leaflet that comes with them. The first lot, Exocin (ofloxacin) said to consult the doctor before taking but they are the exact ones she had already looked up on and said they are ok the other lot said if you use this medicine whilst pregnant, there may be a small risk of cleft palate or ******ed growth in the foetus I am not happy what so ever about taking these drops so I will not. I have decided to take the ones the doctor confirmed are ok but I am still really really worrying about taking these as I would rather be in agony than hurt my unborn baby.

    Has anyone else been through anything similar? Or can help with any advice... thank you for reading I know its probably long winded and boring to read.


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