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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MrsRNI, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Hi ladies im just wondering if any of u ladies have went into preterm labor and got it stopped then went on to full term.

    I'm asking because im at risk of going into preterm labor :sad1:, have been having bh for wks now and at 30+2 i was in hosp as was having contractions thankfully they stopped on there own but since then i've been having them on and off. 2day i woke up and havent felt myself feel sick have done a few poops (sorry tmi) this is unusal for me and been getting quite crampy/tightenings plus my hips r killing me.

    im only 32+1 now and hoping that its not the start of labor but if it was whats the odds the hospital will try and stop it.

    thanks girls
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    No personal experience of this but my close friend went into labour at 26 weeks with number 1, the contractions were stopped at hospital and then she carried to overdue. With her second baby she went into labour at 32 weeks, again they were able to stop the contractions at hospital and she carried to 38 weeks.


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