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    This might be long but i'm so confused at this point. I have PCOS and this is my 2nd cycle of Clomid, 1st round i was on provera and then 50mg, did the 21 progesterone test and there was no ovulation. 2nd round started again with provera and 100mg Clomid from 16-20 Dec. Used the CB digi opk and did not get a positive, i can't temp, as my sleep patterns are all wonky. On 3rd went to my OB/GYN app and he saw something on the ultrasound and sent me for the progesterone bloods, i was prepared to start round 3. I keep missing him or him me so i don't know what the results are, however yesterday i started spotting brown, then pinkish/red and then pinkish/orange. It's not enough to fill a pad and no clots so i've been wearing a panty liner. This morning, again, it seems to be back to a almost pink but still more orange and i have lower back ache. Based the clomid ovualtion calculator online, i should have ovulated between 25-28 December. So based on that, if i use 28th as the ovulation day, it would make me 11 dpo today, The appointment with the Dr on the 3rd just threw me off as i was prepared to start round 3 but now this. So is it an early period? possible implantation? When should i do i HPT? HELP!
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    Hope its implementation bleeding. I have never had implantation bleeding so dont know what it's like but I think it's just very light and only lasts a day or two. If u still haven't had ure period u cud test now. Good luck
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    I think with everyone it's different. Some have a little pink or brown, some spot for days or just once, sadly you don't really know until you get a bfp. For what it's worth, I think I had ib this cycle. I normally spot 2 days before af so I was watching for spotting, nothing. Then the day before af I had some brown so I thought af would come in a couple of days. Then I was getting ready to hop in the shower and felt wet, so I checked and there was red blood. So I marked cd1 and went on about my day. But then there was nothing else, so unmarked for cd1 and now I'm 2 days late but still no bfp. If I get bfp it was probably ib, if not then just weird af.

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