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Elder Scrolls Online!


Nov 28, 2012
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I'm so excited for this game to come out! Hubs has been in the beta from the beginning, but in case you didn't get into the beta and can't wait to play...

They opened up the beta for this weekend! You can get your beta keys at curse.com! :happydance:

I have seen/explored the game world, and it is GORGEOUS! The whole MMO looks like Skyrim, maybe a little prettier.

Anyone else excited for this?
The open beta was over the weekend only, so it's closed now. :(

The game actually releases on April 4th.
well i'm downloading something right now....
Signed up today and my email said i have redeemed my beta code...
Yes, it will download the game client, but since the beta is closed, you won't be able to log in. Hopefully they will have another beta before launch, but I don't know if they will. :(

But, if you do purchase the game, it will take much less time to download!

If you preorder the digital version, you'd get to play 5 days before release. :)
Ah I see!
My broadband is crap so by the time it downloads it should be released lol!

Well, it is an online game played with other people, so a faster connection is better for game play. If your internet is very slow, you might have some lagging issues when playing. Have you ever played an MMO?
I imagine it will be fine as i'm on wow almost every night. Hubby bought me a lovely new Alienware laptop 4 months ago and i'm bored with the Sims :)
Very nice! I have been "clean" from WoW since Cataclysm came out. Used to be quite addicted! :haha:
i imagine i'd have been a lot more addicted before the kids came along, now i get 2 or 3 hours per night max!
I'm eagerly awaiting the Sims 4 and Tropico 5, the tropico games are my absolute favourite!
Never played Tropico, but I do love Sims 3! I've got the Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, and World Adventures expansion packs. Plus a bunch of downloaded content. :haha:
I highly recommend it, Its about £9 on amazon for the gold edition which includes all expansions (the main ones at least, you can buy more DLC)
I have Ambitions, late night, showtime, world adventures, university, Island paradise and into the future.. i think i have all the main ones lol!
just preordered this, cannot wait :thumbup: I've been in many betas, don't find it amazing but good enough for me to try it. My baby sleeps a lot sooo its my first chance to game in years. Im lucky to get 4-5 hours a week but that's a whole lot more than 0 that ive had seemingly forever haha :happydance:
We're very excited to see all the bugs worked out of it!

We have also preordered it. Five days of early access, yes thanks! :haha:
I did not like this game. I thought it was really lacking in a lot of areas. Much better MMO's out there imo.
I did not like this game. I thought it was really lacking in a lot of areas. Much better MMO's out there imo.

What can you recommend? I loved skyrim

I am assuming you are a parent right? If that's the case the market is kind of dead right now. There are a couple really good games but they require a lot of time investment. More time than most parents have to spend on it. Unless you don't mind playing older games of course. World of Warcraft or Everquest 2 a really good choices. They both have a ton of content and are very similar in the way the game is designed. However it's a lot less grinding then the most popular new MMOs out right now.
I do like eso more than many mmos out there but still... I guess I've played too many over the years, just doesn't hold my interest. Not the game itself but the hordes of 13 yo d00ds really ruin the (otherwise) great ambiance.

I have a big 'crush' now though, one I havent had in mmo filled years! If you enjoy story I recommend the secret world. Style wise it's very original - modern day setting with a touch of fantasy/magic/sci-fi. It's refreshing to play an mmo which mentions the Internet, modern day events etc. Heck some characters have their own active twitter and youtube channels. Makes the story eerily real. How cool is that ;)
The secret world is a fun game and the only reason I didn't suggest it is because there's nothing to do when you get to the end. I love having a game to play. It's pretty much part of who I am because I've been playing since I was 14 years old and I'm 28 now.
What formats is the secret world on ? Im a bit old school, I loved final fantasy 7 etc, tomb raider, and the drake trilogy

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