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    So I've been super sore for weeks. I was told at my routine exam i have round ligament pain, which is why I am hurting in my pelvic area.

    So yesterday the pain became a little to much. It was a pain that went into my lower abdominal area. It last for about a minute and goes away. Went to the restroom and saw a discharge. My mom yells Jess you are in labor early so we go to the er.

    The doctor listens to lo heart beat was 147 per min. Baby is wiggling slot (which they determined from teying to get the heart beat, no ultrasound given.), cervix is closed. Doctor says oh you have a yeast infection, I'm like... Sir I'm 32 imagine the loads of yeast infections I've had ... Ik they don't hurt I'd feel super itchy but not hurrjng. He States that's all he sees they give me meds and sent me home.

    I'm still hurting, I don't want to go back to the er. Lo is very active today. After each pain I feel, I can feel the baby kicking and moving. Im keeping a chart, this pain comes ever 4 to 5 minutes and last a minute. This is a new one for me. Has anyone gone through this?

    Side note it hurts to walk but again that's round ligament pain...
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    Maybe Braxton hicks contractions?

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