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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by dizzymeg, Jan 27, 2011.

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    and I know its no ones fault.
    Olly has had a cold since last fri, been doing all the usual stuff,went to dr on mon and he had conjuntivitis too, so got drops. he is getting better, but he is STILL so bunged up, and sniffly-but i think it is more the runny stuff rather than actual snot ( sorry gross) but he is waking in the night coughing and chocking a bit. i was up at 4am with him last night settling him, and that was only one of a few times, the night before was the same.
    I have since also got the cold, and am shattered, grumpy and generally feeling sorry for myself. Also, I have been really struggling to fall asleep, my hubby sent me to bed at 8 last night but I lay there for hours. ahhhrrr

    Olly is very active when he feeds- he flails, scratches me, pulls at my fingers when i hold the bottle,hits me when i burp him, my neck and hands are clawed.

    I dont really know why I am posting, but what on earth can i do to help all this.
    I am almost tempted to swaddle again but then he would just get his hands out anyway.

    I am supposed to be going out tomorrow night for my mates bday and all I want to do is sleep.

    oh i am such a moody so and so!
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    no real advice, but ask for help! get a friend or relative to watch him for a couple of hours and have some you time. get them to go for a walk so you can sleep in peace for an hour or have a bath.

    hope it gets better

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