Episiotomy granulation tissue

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    Was wondering if anyone has had the experience of granulation tissue (Recurrent) after an episiotomy/tear?

    I had an episiotomy and after 3 weeks i felt pricking sensation if i sat down and pain where my OB had cut and was scared about bowel movement if it would infect or disturb the sutures. 4 weeks after delivery, my OB checked it and said there was excess tissue growth and removed it and asked me to come back after 2 weeks for review. it hurt for about an hour or so, just could not walk. managed to get in to the car and come home and went to bed.

    10 days after this, i felt the same pain and pricky feeling (but not as bad as earlier) and when i went in for the review, she said there was little bit extra tissue growth and removed it and said that i need not come again.

    but after a month later, i have a little pain and feel that there might again be extra tissue growth :cry: i have fixed an appointment with her tomorrow to see what is happening.

    in the meanwhile, she inserted an copperbased iud for me because i was scared of taking pills (had a bad experience with pills earlier). would the loop have caused any problem?

    anyone had/having the same problem of recurrent granulation tissue? how was it rectified for you? anyways of preventing it? does/did it hurt while you DTD'ed? looking for some hope that it will not hurt when DH and I have $ex

    thanks in advance

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