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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by tasha41, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. tasha41

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    Okay, I bought an item from a shop and these are its policies:

    I love handmade, most of what I am selling in my shop is the materials I love much and the leftover from my craft work. Most are in limited quantity and good quality. I sell them in a cheap price as just want to share with you
    I don't have much work to sell at this moment and would like to show you more when I think they are nice

    Sorry that at this moment, I can accept paypal only as I am not an active seller and the bank charges for money order or cheque is relatively high. If you really want to pay by money order, you can as me first.

    Shipping will be made within 3 days after I get your paypal payment.
    They are sent through normal airmail, if you want to be more secure, you can add US$2 for insurance

    Please note that as they are from Hong Kong, it takes around 3 weeks for shipping just by normal airmail. please let me know if you need it faster, please let me know, you can add US$2 for express mail which take around 7-10 days

    Refunds and Exchanges
    Accpet refund in case of damage during postage only.
    Refund will be the selling price minus the shipping cost, pls note

    Additional Policies and FAQs
    Sorry that I am not an active seller, I may delay in replying your message, but mostly you will get my reply within 3 days.

    ... I bought an item on JUNE 13... hasn't arrived yet.. I messaged her August 12, and she told me she sent it out June 15, it should take over 1 month to arrive (her shop policy says 3 weeks though).. but it had been 2 at that point. WTH. In her message to me she also said she'd check with the post office and if it was returned she'd send me a new one out ASAP... I said okay thanks, let me know what you find out. Obviously it's now August 30.. how long do I wait, lol.

    Should I report this to Etsy? Leave bad feedback? The rest of her feedback is 100% positive. It's too late to do anything through PayPal.. :shrug:

    It's not worth a lot of money it's just the principle TBH that's pissing me off here, the item isn't expensive but I was looking forward to it, paid for it, and still don't have it 2.5 months later! I was really understanding as it's coming from far away but I've received stuff from there TBH (Hello Kitty stuff lol) A LOT faster, within 2 weeks, paying standard shipping..
  2. louise1302

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    i think shes had plenty of time to look into it id email her again and it you dont get a new item this time i would report it
  3. Blah11

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    May 8, 2008
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    Email her again. Only thing I can think is maybe she means 21 working days? I dunno :( Hope you get it sorted X
  4. impatient1

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    Oct 20, 2008
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    I'd message her again and if she does nothing about the situation then report it.

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