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    Ilana has changed her sleep habits so much in the past few weeks, and where she used to sleep from 7-12 hours a night (usually at least 10) in a row, she has been all over the place lately. One thing that's consistent is that she is waking up a lot in the evenings - she'll have her bath at 5.30-6ish (depends when she's tired etc) and then I'll feed her in the bedroom and she's usually asleep by 7-7.30. However, lately she will then wake every 30-45 minutes and won't go back to sleep without being fed. She does seem to take milk then, not just have one or two sucks and go back off (although the last couple of feeds can be more like that).

    I'm not sure if she's replaced her old loooong bedtime feed with a series of mini-feeds, or if she's just not settling like she used to and needs to suck to get back to sleep, or it's a habit or what? She always used to feed for at least an hour at bedtime, and now she takes a lot less time, and her daytime feeds are shorter. Today I tried offering her the breast every hour from about 3pm so she could tank up, but she went to sleep at 6.45ish and has already woken once.

    She won't take a bottle so I can't give her EBM to top her up. it's not the end of the world but it means I don't get to do much in the evenings and I'm longing for a lovely long hot bath! I don't want to go out for the night or anything... She will sometimes accept a dummy but rarely and if you put it in her mouth while she's crying she spits it out. Last night she went to sleep at 7.30 but then woke at 8.12, 9, 9.30, 10.15, 11, before admitting defeat and sleeping.

    Any thoughts? I know it's not that bad really but I don't want to get into bad habits, and I do want a bath!!!

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