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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by hereitgoes, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    Girls Im on CD29 and af came... my usual cycle is 40+ days.. Now I did cut down on stress and all the spinning classes I was doing and I think this has helped shorten cycle.. However this period is different to any Ive ever had. I didnt get any af pmt and the usual symptoms I always get and I have never felt so tired in my life... I had metallic taste in my mouth from 10 DPO and my skin broke out very badly .. which I never get either.. I really felt pregnant. Yet this period came so early and is so odd..
    I ad bloods done in Nov which came back low in progesterone. Doc didnt seem too concerned ..advised me to try another month as we had just started. So since then I have read that progesterone is what makes the fertilised egg grow and stick.. Im wondering is this what didnt happen this cycle...
    I am getting bloods done again on day 21. I cannot wait to sort this out and feel so angry I could have been on something for this upon getting first bloods back...
    Do any of you girls or did you have low progest? What are you taking and diet wise too.. whats in and whats out? x
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    I'm sorry it's so frustrating hun... I totally understand!!!! I'm dealing with higher FSH levels, and although, it's only ONE of MANY factors in order to get pregnant... it's for sure a pain when you have challenges.

    Sorry I can't be more help with your progesterone questions... I do know there are supplements you can take to help though. Once you get your day 21 blood results, I would have a chat with your OB and ask what can be done to help (if needed).

    It's great your being proactive. It's always best to know what is going on and what you can do to help.

    Best of luck to you hun!!!
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    I had low progesterone too which meant I wasnt ovulating on my own. I am now on 3rd cycle of clomid and have ovulated the first 2 months. my progesterone levels were 44 first month and 36 2nd month. anything over 15 indicates ovulation. I have not ovulated this month and will be getting my level checked again on cd21.
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    Yes progesterone is what is needed to keep a pregnancy. However, there are not conclusive evidence about how effective it is. Some people swear by it and others have noticed no difference. It cannot hurt to be on it though so I don't know why m,ore doctors don't prescribe it because it CAN help some people.
    They have to test on a few different days of your cycle starting at 21 and then again after two days and then after another two days - but if your cycle is lolonger maybe they should be testing later? It might be worth asking, I thought they tested then because it was after ovulation but closer to AF, but if your cycles are longer you ovulate later?

    I had the tests and did not have a low result, but have lost 4 pregnancies and have tested low during pregnancies. I guess that it does not help keep a pregnancy that has other issues. Still my doctor has me on it in case it can help us.

    I am on vaginal suppositories which my doctor told me is the more effective way to get the progesterone to the uterus, directly! They are a bit messy and this cycle we are increasing our dosage.

    Good luck to you, maybe write down some questions to take when you next see the doctor - I had to do that because I would always get flustered when I got in there are would forget!
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    Croydongirl is right, it does not necessarily help to keep a pregnancy and is not a big deal. I have researched the crap out of it because I myself have low pg levels and am on clomid. i've been in your shoes, feeling preggo for sure for sure and then nothing, no period, and then when it comes it's weird and not like periods i've had in the past.....it's frustrating but you just have to keep on truckin. we'll get our BFPs soon

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