Everythings going wrong!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by princess_vix, Apr 22, 2009.

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    I'm so hacked off right now! :hissy:

    As some may know i had midwife last tuesday and had a high blood pressure i think it was 140/95.
    So she got another midwife out to me the day after and had gone down to 130/80..perfect :happydance:

    But anyway she said any headaches or anything,straight to the clinic to be checked.

    So come saturday my head was pounding and nothing was shifting it,i fell asleep around 8pm ish and woke up sweaty,clammy and just completely out of it.
    So off i went to delivery suite because it was almost 11pm and then ante-natal was shut for that time.

    Anyway they did blood pressure,bloods and all that jazz and decided to keep me in till gone 2am which just stressed me out i needed to sleep and there was clearly nothing wrong.

    No protein in urine,bloods fine,blood pressure going down as we spoke.

    Anyway they have arranged for a consultant to see me on monday(next week) okay fine with me but apparently they may arrange a scan to see if the placenta is still working as it should be,because apparently that can cause high blood pressure. :hissy:

    My midwife has already said if everything is fine monday she is still completely up for to have my intended homebirth but has made it clear to me the hospital will try and change my mind:hissy: she said to listen to them but if i want a homebirth and all is fine she intends to do this.

    But anyway now i'm all worried that placenta isn't working properly :hissy: but bubba is moving fine and lots of movement and perfectly happy strong heartbeat but i can't shake the thought something may go wrong.

    Anyway rant over :mad:
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    Jul 8, 2008
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    Aww hun, hope everything's ok and you get your homebirth. Just remember tho that LO being delivered safe is more important and at least you'll hopefully get some answers xx

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