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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Dottie, Apr 9, 2009.

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    I never got round to posting Evies birth story and with her coming up six months on Saturday I thought I would share her story so far

    Evie was born 11/10/08 Five weeks and two days early. My waters went on the friday morning whilst getting ready for work ! At hospital looking back I think I was in shock and refused to belive the baby was really coming. I was having steriod injections for her lungs and as she was breech was being totally confused by vairous doctors who had different opionions whether she I could have a natural brith or a C section.

    At 3 16 am I gave birth to Evie naturally and breech. Evie was taken straight to special care and I was put on a drip after begging to see her 7 hours later I was allowd up in a wheelchair to see her in an incubator. We spent 3 Weeks and two days in SCUB and after pumping and tube feeding we cracked breast feeding and was allowed home

    Evie was diagnosed with Developmental Displacement of the Hip DDD on the 16th of March and put in to a pelvik harness for 5 weeks.This is a condition where the hip socket is to shallow for her bone to stay in and is therefore dislocated. After a few sleepless nights and a very distressed baby she is now clamed down and is used to not being able to move her legs

    After weekly physo visists we have her first check up in two weeks to see if the harness is doing any good if not Evie will need an operation.

    Evie is devloping well smiling, reaching out for her toys and even managed a little giggle the other day, she is a pleasure to be with and after months of thinking never again at six months I am getting broody again !!!

    Its been a rocky road but she amazes me everyday how she copes with all she has been through
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    thanks for sharing, my fingers are crossed for her not needing an operation :hugs:

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