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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by divadexie, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Nov 25, 2009
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    My son's grannys dog died on wed :( She was only 6 I think she had picked up some poison on her walk as she lay down when she got back and didn't get back up :( rest in peace skye.

    So I told him tonight that when he goes after xmas he won't see skye because she died.
    He laughed and said she will come back (grr x box i think taught him that!)
    It took me like half an hour telling him when things die you never see them again.

    Used my dads old dog as an example- like max died then a while later they got monty.

    So he eventually got that he wouldn't see skye again, had a little cry then said ''gran will have to get a new dog now''

    I'm worried he will laugh about it when he goes to his grannys even though I told him she is really sad.
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    aww , sounds like you have explained well to him. so for now i'd just leave it , unless he asks questions etc.. maybe remind him before he goes there next to be extra nice to granny ( or give her a cuddle when he sees her) because she is still sad about skye not being around anymore. and just adress any questions he has , or if he asks where ahe is or something just remind him gently that she died and cant come back. but now he knows the facts id leave it at that until it comes up again ( which im sure it will, although he understands now he may still be confused and later on will still think she is coming back.
    dont worry about him laughing he probably dosnt really know what to say, and im sure his granny will understand if it comes down to it :)
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    Not sure how old your son is but sounds like you have explained everything in the right terms. Kids minds whirl at a million miles an hour, so it may take explaining it several times over several days. Make sure he knows it's ok to cry and explain its the way that people show they love that person/ animal and miss them. Before you go to Granny's next explain that Granny might be sad and cry and it would be nice for him to give his Granny lots of hugs to make her feel better! Good luck with it. :)

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