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Aug 31, 2006
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Cant remember if we have done this already, just wondering what peoples favourite things are,like song, film, band, place, drink, football team etc.... :D
How bout a list?

Show me the way I'm drinking woman :rofl:
here goes
film - sleepless in seattle/moonstruck (for chick flick hormonal moments :cry: )
pulp fiction/kill bill (for other homonal moments :twisted: )
song - can vary from day to day, but john lennon imagine is special
band - beatles (obviously)
place - bed/walking in the park on a cold winter day
drink - vodka/magners/tea
actor - al paccino/sir bradley of pitt/johnny depp
season - autumn
food - fajitas
biscuit - shortbread.

these are some of my favourite things...
OOo did you see this BTW;

film - The Greenmile, Message in a bottle, Saving private Ryan & quite a Disney fan!
song - None specifically!
band - None!
place - Bed! Chester zoo, shopping centres if accompanied by money!! :lol:
drink - Vodka but kind of went to Bacardi! Coffee! Smoothies (yummy)
actor - Whoopi Goldberg & Julia Roberts
season - autumn
food - Chicken supreme (home made by me), pastas, salads...
biscuit - Home made mmm - Really need to start baking again!
:oops: :oops: sorry honey, didnt realise that was there, feel free to delete this is you like...
Nooooo I joined in!!! LOL

Thats a profile type thing not ... well this ... doesn't matter at all wandered if you'd seen it to add a profile if you like :friends:
film - Bridget Jones (1&2), Bring it on, Most Musicals, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Schindlers List (fave all time ever), Could probably go on and on and on!! hehe
song - Christina Aguilera ~ The Voice Within or David Bowie ~ Kooks or Feeder ~ Just a day or Paul McCartney ~ Maybe i'm Amazed or She's leaving home or Simon & Garfunkel ~ Bridge over troubled water (kind of depends on my mood!) lol!
band - Beatles
place - Anywhere where i can be near Graham
drink - Vodka/Amaretto & Coke
actor - Angelina Jolie (i know it says actor, but how sexist lol!!)
season - Autumn (crunchy leaves and central heating! hehe!)
food - Tuna Pasta Bake with cauliflower & Broccoli... or Aunt Jans Steak and Kidney Pie & gravy with Grandads veg! lol!
biscuit - Anzac Biscuits, or Shortbread
film - Face Off

song - Green day, King for a day, best song ever!

band - to many to mention, altho im loving the kooks at the mo

place - bed/walking in the park on a cold winter day (left this one the same coz i like this too :) )

drink - white wine, water

actor - John Travolta! he is god

season - autumn

food - anything! lol

biscuit - choccy hobnobs :D

film - too many im afraid, can never stick with the same 1!!

song - love american english by idlewild,long story behind it, has alot of meaning to me though :D

band - to many to mention anything from abba to linkin park!!!

place - bed!!!!

drink - cheeky vimto mmmmmm pure alchohol

actor - jim carrey and nicholas cage!!

season - autumn

food - spag bol mmmm

biscuit - rich tea fingers yummy
oh shucks ladies....we all love autumn. crisp mornings, leaves turning colour, birdies getting fat for winter, dew on the grass in the park/garden and getting your winter clothes organised, i just love it all.....
yeah wooly jumpers rock, and i love my thick wooly house slippers....cant get my feet into my shoes with them on lol....
film - ummm i have too many to pick a specific one! maybe LOTR
song - Where you want to be, Darren Hayes
band - the Strokes
place - My Bed, and anywhere i can enjoy myself.
drink - Havent tried much alcohol to have a favourite :oops:
actor - Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano
season - Autumn
food - Sausage casserole with rice, hmmmmmmm
biscuit - Caramel log, yummy!
Film - Bridget jones diary (Both), Just like heaven, Saw (Both)

Song - Hmm too many favourites

Band - None

Place - At home, in bed :D

Drink - Blue WKD, Dr. Pepper

Actor - Jim Carrey

Season - Autumn

Food - Chippy grub lolol

Biscuit - Digestives
ag, it doesnt need to be alcohol, i have tea...but my all time favourite non alcoholic apart from this is the hot chocolate you buy in the street in amsterdam...cream n everything yummy...
film - Too many to mention.........Dirty dancing, I-robot, Spacecowboys, Heat, Armageddon, Changing lanes

song - Oh too many again (off the top of my head)................To really love a woman..........Brian Adams, My Love is your Love......Whitney Houston, If your not the one..........Daniel Beddingfield

band - Metallica, Red Hot Chillies, GnR, Queen.....and loads of different stuff

place - Anywhere with Paul & Jade and a nice walk in the winter evenings!

drink - Stella / Pepsi max

actor - Samual L Jackson, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Tommy Lee Jones

season - Autumn / Winter

food - Steak, garlic mushrooms & chips! Mmmmmmm

biscuit - Chocolate Hobnobs

Thats some of mine....but I could never just have one fav song, band, film or actor :-s

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