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Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by 1st time mum, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Just wondered if anyone could give me any tips on feeding Freya - she's 5 and a half months now and has been having solids for the last few weeks. We started on baby rice and now onto vegetables - this is my normal routine:

    7.30am - Bottle (approx 6oz) and porridge
    11.30am - bottle (approx 5 ozs)
    3.30pm - bottle (approx 6 ozs)
    5.00pm - dinner - normally two veggies mixed together or with sweet potato
    7.00pm - Bottle - 8 - 9 ozs
    3.00am ish - Bottle 5 ozs

    I don't know whether I should be giving her lunch as well as other meals - tonight she's had loads of dinner but would only take 3.5 ozs of her milk before bed - does that mean she's had too much food? Would it be better to give her milk separately (she would wait longer for her breakfast)? This is all just too confusing!!!!!!!

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Brianna was weaned early and was on 3 meals a day at that age. She could be in the process of dropping a bottle? Brianna did shortly after we introduced the last meal. The only way I found that out was to give her her bottle sometime before her meal or up to an hour afterward. Turns out she still wouldn't take anymore. So that could be it hun. If you get real concerned speak to your Dr.
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    I am currently in the same dilemma.. Sam has :
    Breast feed around 8 am
    then lunch at 11.30 (rice or veggies)
    then breast feed at 1300
    then breast feed at 16.00
    then tea cereal or veggies/fuit
    then breast feed at 7.30

    I was wondering the same thing when do you give another meal, he really isn't hungry after early morning breast feed...... to give him breakfast....
    this weaning lark is ultra confusing!!!!!
    He gave up half a feed today at lunchtime.. but am worried as he isn't supposed to give up any feeds at this age.....
    grrrrrrrrrrrr this is more frustrating than feeding every 2 hours!!!!

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